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Day 2 in PR. We interviewed some volunteers at @puertoricorises helping the island with basics, ya know, like FOOD and WATER.

Posted by Mike Gallagher on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

It's been almost 5 years now since we made the big move from our home in Alaska to Puerto Rico.

When I first found out I got the job in Puerto Rico I realized I only had a few months to get my family together and move them all to a new place, that I had only been to once 20 years prior. I cant believe my wife agreed to it! One extreame to the other is what everyone keeps telling us.

We have gotten to enjoy all the great tourist destinations on the island, find the hidden gems only locals know about, go deep into caves, and ride horses on the beach. We have endured the tropical storms, and hurricanes, 6 months with no power or water, and so much more. It sure has been an adventure, and if you check out my blog, I'll tell you all about it!

(Left to Right: Berkley, Liam, William [me], Madison, Jenn)

Whats Been Happening

  • Living in Paradise – Life After the Storm

    The Mental Part So the hurricane was eight months ago now, and it still resonates around here like it was yesterday. The power and water continue to go out daily. Many sections of roads are still missing and not passable. We still have telephone poles and wires down all over. Our house is still in major repair as are many others. I guess this is the new reality living in PR? I will admit it wasn’t easy living in paradise before but now it feels impossible. As we continue our daily lives trying to rebuild and help each other it seems we all are having similar fears/issues. We all still seem to have nightmares, nervousness, instant fear, less motivation and many other issues. I even had a crazy dream where a horse walked into our bedroom and backed himself into the closet. He then buried his head in my clothes

  • What survived, or didn’t..

    Day 6: On Sunday, 9-24-17 It was a hot day with little to no wind. So we filled up some water jugs from a hose in town that still flowed water. Yes, for some reason that hose worked. But not for long, it too was dead the next day. At some point during the day we were invited to go to dinner that night at a friend’s house. It was nice to enjoy a glass of wine and some sense of normalcy. We talked and laughed and relaxed for a bit. It was nice. Then two guests (Kylar and Christian) stopped by from St. Martin. They had lost their boat in Hurricane Irma the week earlier and somehow meandered across PR to Cabo Rojo to work on a boat. They were offered a place to stay after the hurricane provided they work and repair a sailboat in the harbor. While

  • 21st Birthday in a Hurricane

    Day 7: Monday, September 25, 2017 On this day 21 years earlier my second child Madison was born. It was her birthday. I thought, it is going to be a good day. No matter what, I am going to make it the best day I can. We missed some of her birthdays while she was in boarding school, so whenever she is near, we are sure to make it a big deal. Besides we all need something to celebrate. This had been the most difficult two weeks of my life. Can you imagine trying to celebrate someone’s birthday in the aftermath of a hurricane? Jenn and I discussed what to do. She would try and get gas for the car. So we could possibly go to dinner someplace. But nothing is open. Remember no power, no water, no internet no ATM and so on. At some point you would think