Alzheimers for Fathers Day

It was another great day! I finally got to sleep in. The kids woke me at 9:00 with gifts of joy. I was given a fresh cup of coffee, a fruit smoothie, Father’s Day cards, cologne, and a remote key finder. The key finder was actually a cool gift as I loose my keys, phone and wallet daily. The funny thing is the key finder is linked to an iPhone app. If I loose my phone I can’t find anything. It was still a cool gift as Maddie thinks I have Alzheimer’s.

We headed out to see another house on the golf course at 11:00. It wasn’t as nice and didn’t have a pool. This was even more of a requirement as it got up to 95 by 10:00am. The pool was the first thing we looked for. No pool! We left!!

We decided to head for San Juan but got side tracked in a town called Ponce. It is an unbelievably beautiful city.  The buildings are gorgeous. We drove down all the downtown streets taking pictures at every corner. The iron work on the porches and gates was incredible. Everything was closed because of the father day holiday. We ended up at the Macaroni Grill for dinner. It had Great food horrible service(Puerto Rican norm). They forgot Madison’s order. It was sad. She starved :-(.. Or did she? I forgot. I have Alzheimer’s.

We then tried the GPS again. HUGE mistake!!! We ended up in Caguas and couldn’t get back on the highway. The GPS couldn’t figure out which way to go either. It started to get dark at 6:30 and my panic started to take over. We ended up in the center of the island in the mountains completely lost. Did I say lost? I meant distracted from my main mission or course. I have Alzheimer’s remember? I wasn’t lost.

I forgot to add one important thing. The new car isn’t charging the battery and when the headlights are on it drains the battery down to nothing and dies. I was supposed to drop it off last week but I forgot?

Alzheimer’s ????

I drove like a banshee or a Puerto Rican, you choose and got the family home safe.

Crap!!! Where is the family?

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