The begining

Back to Reality

Everything works out, right?

Woke up happy! I’m not sure why. Maybe because the sun was up and it was only 88 degrees with 95 percent humidity. Brrrrrrr!

Charlie stopped by and had some coffee and he shared some more of his life experiences. I will miss him when we move on. He really has brightened our days. He has the greatest sense of humor.  

Jenn drove the kids to their final scuba class in Aguadilla. They will be officially certified divers today. I am so proud of them. I stayed back to do my favorite thing, pay bills! It was a reality check!! 

Our Vacation is Almost Over

I start my first day at work this coming Monday. We still don’t have a house. and we don’t have the kids registered in school yet, we don’t even have a local bank account, and as of tomorrow our vacation rental is the next clients rental. So the house hunt is more important than ever now. 

We drove to San German and looked at another house. It was very primitive house. An open floor plan without windows or screens. I loved it. It was like tent camping without the tent. Just a roof. The bathrooms were enclosed and it had a great kitchen. The gardens were immaculate. Jenn was back in the car faster than I have ever seen her move. 

So what do you do when your in the same situation? That’s right, you go to the movies, a zombie movie! And while your watching the movie you have your car repaired at Pep boys. Another EPIC failure!! No big deal. I’m starting to realize that is normal. 

Tomorrow we meet with the school again and fill out more papers. I have concluded that Puerto Ricans love paperwork. Then at 11:00 we meet with another realtor. I think tomorrow will bring better things. 




Or Zombies!

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