Back to School

🎶It’s the most wondERFUL TIME Of the year..🎶

Back to school time.

It’s an amazing sight. Almost every store is having some form of back to school sale including the Sears furniture department. Plus Gordon’s Jewelry is having a back to school sale. I am not sure how that connects to school but whatever, right? Maybe it does?

The shopping malls are packed with kids and they are super excited. It’s almost like Christmas time in the states. I remember being in sixth grade and saying, “wow, I only have six more years of school. I can’t wait to get out. Then I realized that I forgot to add the college years. Looking back now I wonder why I wanted to get out so bad. School was great. I didn’t have to worry about bills, insurance, retirement or a mortgage. Why was I in such a hurry to worry about those things?

The kids here actually really like going to school. They have incredibly interesting political debates and insights on life. They seem to be wiser than their years. The kids teach each other. They tutor each other and the help each other like I have never seen anywhere but here. The kids here seem to be more connected to current events. These kids are smart!

I will admit since moving to the Caribbean I try not to read or watch the news. It’s actually really hard to do. I encourage you all to try it. I met someone several years ago who said his life has improved since he stopped watching the news. He said, “The news is just too depressing! Why would anyone want to be depressed? If something major happens in the news I would hear about it at work around the water cooler.” My life is too valuable for that!” This person is a very decorated and high ranking military officer in Washington DC. His advice has been some of the best advice I have actually followed.

The next two weeks will be the very tough in our household. The mood swings have already started. You can easily see the grins turn into frowns with just a mention of school supplies or uniforms. It really is the most wonderful time of year.  

We also have a new addition joining us for a year. Our family of five knuckleheads will soon be a family of six knuckleheads.

I better get a few more surfboards and/or school supplies.  

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