Stop and Smell.. the Dog…

Its a beach day, thank god! We woke up early and got the kids up and out by 9:30 today. I know!! it is a miracle. We headed for the beach club in Boqueron. It was a beautiful morning and the truck ran like a top. I will admit the truck did still smell really bad. I can’t remember why? It might have something to do with my Alzheimer’s? Or I just plain blocked it out. The dog exploded from both ends in the back.  

Liam went out early and cleaned the truck the best he could. Again, thank you Liam. You get a piña colada for lunch!

We arrived at the club at 10:30 and immediately went to the beach. The three oldest went out on jet skis and Liam hung out with us. It was not his choice! Elijah buried him in the sand and Liam couldn’t get out. It took Jenn and I together a whole hour to dig him out. He was pissed! 

The owner of the jet ski company asked us why we moved to Puerto Rico? He was selling everything and moving to the states. I said to torture the kids! Is it working? He didn’t think that was funny. 

We swam, sunbathed and wrestled in the ocean. We even shared memories of a dear departed friend. Our hearts and prayers to out to the Chernyaev and Servitis. Nellie died this morning. She was in her late eighties. She was a fantastic woman and raised three kids without a drivers license. Imagine trying to do that today. She smiled all the time and made everyone laugh. Every time we saw each other she thought I was a Jewish Furniture salesman from her neighborhood in Detroit from the 1950’s. I think his name was Karl? She had the strangest sense of humor. You could never tell if she was being serious because of her beautiful smile. Nellie was an amazing woman. I am glad I got to know you..

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