Decisions Decisions

Jenn and I woke at 6:00 and drove over to SAMs Club. The kids were still asleep and so was everyone else in Puerto Rico. On the way we stopped and had the best cup of coffee. I guess I’m getting used to the small, sugary and heavy creamed coffee. I have been dying for a Starbucks! In land of coffee they don’t have coffee huts? Weird, huh? Luckily SAMs Club opens at 6:30. This is by far the best time to shop and find a parking place. 

Another strange thing about Puerto Rico, shopping carts! No one ever takes their cart back to the store. It’s amazing what the parking lot looks like in the morning, shopping carts everywhere. It really looks like a scene from the Walking Dead TV show.

After dodging all the carts the kids and I ran to the post office and by a catholic school in Mayaguez. Maddie really liked this school but its not bilingual. So we are now thinking the international school maybe the only option? I was told today by someone at that school that Puerto Rico is a different country than the US. But now I’m starting to agree with that. 

Weird, huh?

Well after much deliberation we decided against the golf course house due to the extra and hidden costs. Yes, the words of Maria were ringing in our ears! Thank you, Maria! You saved us from making a huge financial mistake. I’ll bet you didn’t think we listened to you?

So the house hunt continues. We called several realtors and looked at two more houses. We are not in love with any of them. So that might be a good thing. 

We have had a wonderful experience so far. I just wish we could check off a few items of our list. We have accomplished very little in two weeks. I better start embracing that mañana comment or drink less coffee!

Squirrel Note: 

Never try a drive thru fast food restaurant in Puerto Rico. I think the speaker changes what you order before you get to the window. Weird, huh?

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