Hurricane Maria Continued….

It was a quiet night no street walkers, it was kind of strange. I can the see the glow of lights over Mayaguez and Aguadilla again. It appears both towns are starting to get power.

It is still possible to see the milky way and all the stars. They are so bright it lights our upper deck. All night long the wind has been blowing at 15 mph allowing all the lose roof tiles to smack around. It was actually a cold night in the 70’s.

The dogs continue to bark at nothing driving my paranoia. The smells are becoming more and more intense. The garbage cans all over are overflowing with rotting food. The dead animals are starting to smell as well. We noticed that the insects are in greater abundance. I think this is due to the lack of birds. The skies are empty of birds.

Every morning I used to have a wood pecker that would land on the hand rail and stare at himself in the reflection of the glass window. He was kind of vain. We haven’t seen him since the hurricane. The hurricane either scared all the birds away or the worse killed the birds.

I hope we start to see some progress today. It’s been a long two weeks…

Found Wifi YEAH!!!!! Today’s quest after cleaning the house was to find Wi-Fi. We drove to McDonalds about thirty minutes away in Mayaguez. Sadly, no Wi-Fi. So we ordered a couple of Mcflurry’s. Ok, I am not a fan of McDonald’s but that was one damn nice treat. We then sat down and enjoyed the A/C. The weather since the hurricane has been very strange. Some days are over 100 degrees and others are in the 80’s. But the even stranger thing is we all seem to get easily sunburned now.

Anyway, while sitting there we noticed a girl using her phone for FB and snapchat. So we asked, how are you getting through to the internet. She told us she had Claro (Mexican owned Cellphone Company) and she allowed us to piggy back onto it using something called hotspot. This was great! We all checked email, made some calls and were able to check the future weather forecast.

It has been very difficult not to be able to have any communication whatsoever. She ended up leaving after about ½ hour but told us where we also could get the same thing. Jenn was like the Tasmanian Devil and took off leaving a trail of dust. She returned about an hour later with a working hotspot.

We all ended up trying to use it for the rest of the day. It worked great in Mayaguez but when we returned to Rincon it did not work. I guess the cellphone towers over here are too far gone. We saw one twisted up on the road down the street from our house. It is unbelievable to see something that tall lying on the road.

Overall, it was a better day. Still no sign of the Military, the police, the National Guard, Red Cross, FEMA or anything. Despair is setting in all over Rincon.

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Bill the President was just there, trucks cant get diesel to make runs, and the Local Truck drivers Union is being a pain in the butt and strong arming the situation for their benefit. Lots of aircarft, submarines, navy medical ships, and troops are hitting the streets. Navy CB's are there to help restore electric, and clear the roads. They need truck drivers…supplies are sitting in refrigerated trucks on the docks, alot cant get deliverd to stores because stores dont have fuel to run generators to keep stuff cold. So getting fuel to everyone is priority now. That will mean roads are clear for fuel truck, and then delivery trucks. Hold on my friend, help is there…but its a logistics night mare. The Mayor Of San Jaun is spewing shit while doing nothing not even going to FEMA metings, and the Truck drivers Union isn't helping the PR people.

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