The begining

Just Another Day in Paradise


stopped keeping track of the days. I’m trying to buy into my new life and my new world. My new favorite world is , MAÑANA. We still love it here. So we are doing something right.


I started work and that also has been an experience. I HAVE SO MUCH TO LEARN!

We are settling into the new house and adopted a stray dog. She is the worlds smallest Pit Bull.

I’m hoping she will come out of her shell. She is very  timid. The kids named her Maya. They say they named her that because of the town we live in. I think they named her that because we live at the end of the world. A Mayan 2012 thing? Who knows?

I had to buy another car. That too was a ridiculous experience. From the purchase to the payment everything was difficult. Plus, the DMV really needs to be looked at. Wait in this line to buy a tax stamp then wait in another line to sign title off. Then wait in another line to get the mybeta. I’m not sure what the mybeta is for? It just seems to be another tax? I lost entire day to that process. 

We discovered a few more exciting things. The wild monkeys run in packs. These monkeys are bigger than I expected. Kinda like small apes. Crazy, I know.

The other new thing are the snakes! Yes, BOA’s and they are not small!

We found one in our window the other night.

Everyday brings frustrating, exciting, challenging things. 

Two months till surfs up!! We are getting excited….

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