Keeping Positive

The positive attitude tries to continue.

It’s funny how life flies by. We have been on the island for over four months. The best part of this adventure is we find time to surf or dive every weekend. It is why we moved here, right?

We adopted a stray Sato. We named her Maya after the City of Mayaguez. She has turned out be an exceptional addition to our home. We have even taught her to stay on the stand up paddle board with us. I will admit she did not enjoy this at first. But I think she is getting used to the idea that a road trip means another water experience. I think her mind goes something like this.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Road Trip, Road Trip, Road Trip! Wait!!!!! That’s a surf board…… Damn it, here we go again!

I’m sure after a few months she will be thinking more like this.

“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Surfing, Surfing, Surfing, I can’t wait!”

At least that is what I hope she will start to think.

We also discovered a Boa constrictor at our back door. Ok, I have seen snakes before like Black snakes, Garden snakes and Rattle snakes. But I have never seen anything like this this! It was huge! This was a little different than seeing the other kinds of snakes. Maybe just because it’s so big, I don’t know. But it is threatening and heart stopping. He eventually left our house and slithered away.

Ok, no one has ever told me that roaches fly!!!

We were helping the kids with homework and a roach the size of my pen ran across the ceiling. Let’s call him GIGANTICA! That’s Puerto Rican for BIG FREAKIN ROACH! After all the screaming stopped. I thought I would be the hero and rescue my wife and kids from the roach. I stood on a chair and tried to reach up with a paper towel and kill the roach. This is where the knowledge of flying roaches would have been helpful. As I reached up GIGANTICA took off and started flying all over the house. The screaming started again and everyone ran for their lives. GIGANTICA landed in the kitchen and crawled into our spatula holder. I, being the hero grabbed the container and threw it outside.

Yes, we had to buy all new spatulas and a new holder. No one in my house would ever touch them again. But I was a hero for one night. So it was worth it!I saved my family from GIGANTICA the killer roach from Mayaguez. I think this would make a great movie.

Another issue we continue to run into is the language barrier. I took Jenn’s car to the repair shop to have the front suspension looked at. I asked for a repair quote so I could buy the parts. They called me about four hours later and said the car is ready and runs great. I was excited because I thought they may have found a loose tie rod or something really simple. When I arrived they told me they replaced the brakes in the rear. I said, “Excuse me, the car was brought in for a front end problem. The brakes in the rear have nothing to do with the front!” They said, “Yes, yes, yes the brakes are good now!”

I repeated my statement, “The car was brought in for a front end problem.”

I got the same answer, “Yes, yes, yes the brakes are good now.”

I was so amazed! I paid the $65.00 bill and left. I guess it could have been worse? They could have replaced the engine or transmission. I still have a huge learning curve and an even bigger language problem. Overall, we are still having fun. The kids are really starting to love school. I am making great strides at work. I call them great strides because any improvement is better than it was. My co-workers are great. We even are making a few friends. And most of all we are learning new things like roaches fly.

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