Lesson on Patience

Well, we are off on another adventure or a lesson in patience?

We woke early and drove over to Sam’s Club. That store has everything from swimming pools to Paella. It so different from a SAMs club in the lower 48. Yes, I still call the contiguous forty eight states the Lower 48. It’s an Alaska thing. Sam’s Club is a Caribbean shoppers dream. It has high ceilings, air conditioning, free food samples, snack bar, and if you are really bored you can even watch a movie. I believe this might be the most crowded store in PR. After a couple of hours in Sam’s and waiting in the endless checkout line we then went to a coffee shop. Coffee is served in very small cups and extremely HOT! You have to ask for black coffee because they will make it with cream and sugar automatically. Another trick is to ask for Frio Leche (cold milk). Then you actually can drink the coffee without waiting an hour for it to cool down from 2000 degrees.

We then went snorkeling in Rincon and watched a thunderstorm roll by. The beauty is beyond comprehension. The lightning danced around us and lit up the skies. We noticed our lack of concern as everyone around us was still in the water. As the storm continued to head west we could see the lightning touching the surface of the ocean. I wondered should we get out of the water? We saw very few people concerned about the lightning and continue to enjoy the water activities. We decided to leave the beach and headed over to the local scuba shop. The sign up for scuba lessons exceeded our expectations and ended up costing $1200 for the four knuckleheads. But it was worth it. If you live in the Caribbean you should be able to Scuba…Their first lesson started on Thursday.

After that we ended up at a cliff top restaurant and ordered lunch. It had already been a long day so the partially frozen Corona with lime was just what I needed. We then ordered lunch and then Berkley said she needed some female things. I thought, I can handle this. You all stay here and Berkley and I will head over to Walgreens. This journey took over an hour and the entire time I was thinking about that corona getting hotter and hotter. As we headed to Walgreens we came across a herd of horses and two road blocks. These are not police road blocks they are just people parked in the middle of the road talking to their friends on the side of the road. This seems to be a normal thing here. It drives me insane. Again, I am still thinking about my cold corona.

I kept thinking should my 19 year old daughter be a little more prepared than this? We parked in front of Walgreens and I ran in thinking I can handle this. I went in alone and stood in front of these products I just could not remember or understand which products I was supposed to get. I stared and stared for what seemed to be 20 minutes and gave up. I was defeated. I went back to the car and asked Berkley to help. She wrapped a towel around herself and went in to find the correct items. We bought extra so this would not happen again and jumped back in the car and headed back to the clifftop restaurant. Of course the return trip took just as long. When we finally got back to the restaurant my group had finished their lunch and were ready to go back to the house. I was very disappointed. My almost frozen beer was as hot as bowl of soup. I took one sip and said, Ok let’s head home. All day long I had been trying to relax and enjoy the sun. Somedays just don’t turn out like you imagine them too. I sometimes wonder how and why I ended up in Puerto Rico. I am sure it has something to do with learning patience. I have always been high strung and anxious. I rarely just get to sit down and enjoy the view and this theme continues throughout our Caribbean adventure. Maybe I am not the only one that experiences such delays. This might be why they sell ice cold beer at the counters at all the gas stations.

Lesson learned?

We ate lunch at a sea side restaurant that really relied on its view to survive. I normally recommend trying local cuisine but this place could be skipped. If you PM me I will give up the name of that restaurant so you also can avoid it also. I will say most Puerto Rican restaurants are very good and have great local fare. We just hit one on a bad day. Later we found out that restaurant has a lot of bad days. The food and service was horrible. We ended up leaving after a 2-3 hour ordeal. I now understand why Puerto Rico has so many street vendors. Sometimes it’s just better to get gas, drink a beer and pick up a pincho all at the same time. The service is never in question. The pinchos are always good and I can never imagine when a cold beer isn’t perfect in the Caribbean sun..

We also saw something really gross, iguana on a stick. Ok, I have unique cuisine all over the world. But this was one item I really didn’t want to try. Have you ever heard the expression, “Tastes like Chicken?”. Well, guess what?. It does taste like chicken it is just a little chewier. It wasn’t that bad and with an ice cold beer it is perfect.

So while eating this iguana and drinking the ice cold Medalla. It occurred to me that Pedro probably would not be happy about this.

Who is Pedro? He is our morning bathroom visitor. He has a small 2-3 inch lizard that spy’s on us when we use the bathroom. He has been hanging out with us since day one in Puerto Rico.

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