The New Car

Woke up, had coffee, watched the sunrise over the mountains. As the sun came up the temperature rose to over 90 by 8:00 am. The Owner/landlord brought us coconuts and fresh bananas for breakfast.
We raced over to Rincon for the ECO horse back riding tour(girls only). Liam and I went snorkeling and stand up paddle boarding. We all were severely sunburned and hungry. So we tried a roadside stand and it was fantastic. Great service, great food. I now know why the Puerto Ricans only eat at these and drink at restaurants. Weird, huh? But it works.
We got a hot tip from the owner of the roadside stand and headed out to find our new wawa (car).  The hot tip was just that. It didn’t work out so we continued north and found a roadside car dealer.
We stopped and bought a car for $7000.00. Hey, remember we sold the Subaru for $8250 so we are still a little ahead. We also negotiated this purchase in Spanish. I will admit it is a little pimped out but who cares. I’m Puerto Rican now! I actually like the neon lights and curb feelers!
After the car purchase we went to SAMs club again and enjoyed the AC.