The House Hunt

We seem to start out everyday the same. We fight to get the kids out of bed and get ready to leave. Charlie comes by to share his wealth of knowledge and his frustrations of Puerto Rican life. We share fantastic coffee and then we are off and running.
The kids had Scuba class at 9:00 am so today was a little easier than normal. They actually like Scuba class. Jenn and I ran a few errands and picked them up at 11:00.
We started calling every realtor we could find and guess how many called us back? One!!! 
We saw two houses and he flat out lied to us about home prices. We have now decided to rent instead of buying. The main reason is when we decide to sell, if they pull the same Mañana crap we will never be able to sell it.
Liam said today,”OK, OK I GOT THIS. Lets buy a house and then immediately put it on the market so in two years it might sell!” Everyday he says something crazy! 
We drove all day looking for houses and finally gave up around 5:00 PM. Of course we had the normal, he is touching me, I sat in the back already, turn the AC off, put the window up, turn the AC on!
All I can say is, “REALLY!“. 
It was an exhausting day. 
Oh, we saw our first iguana today. It was Freakin HUGE!!! And it scared the crap out of us. I think he lives right outside our cabin?