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The Failed Attempt

It was another fantastic day. We woke up and drank coffee to the sunrise. Charlie came over to tell us his adventures of the previous day. We shared a coconut for breakfast and talked about finding a house to live in Puerto Rico. He explained that life is a lot different here, and having things done quickly is just not going to happen in Puerto Rico. He said, “embrace that and you will be fine!” He left around 7:30 am.

We were able to get the kids up and out of the house by 8:00 am. Yes, I know that is a miracle. Our plan was to drop them off at the Bouqueron Beach Club and then look at houses. It was a good plan. I had bought a GPS from Swip Swap before we left Kodiak. I was super excited to use it. I plugged it in and set a course.

We ended up so lost and twenty miles off course, and it’s British accent just pissed me off more and more.

Apparently, Puerto Rico and GPS just don’t work well together.

We finally got to the beach club at 10:30 AM to find out it was closed to kids. Berkley and Liam were so angry! Thats all they wanted to do today. I decided we needed lunch and from there we headed to El Meson (sandwich shop).  We had no idea what we we ordered but whatever it was? It was good.

Just then the rain started!!!! I mean RAIN!!! For three hours!!!! Super heavy rain…

We started looking at houses with the kids. This was not a good idea as they all have OPINIONS! And they want to share those opinions!! Imagine that! We found a few houses that are interesting and we are planning on seeing one tomorrow after scuba class.

We ended up at a Mexican restaurant drinking margaritas! Then we went swimming in the Caribbean Sea waiting for the sun to set.

Oh, anyone need a GPS?

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