The Perfect House

Another fantastic day. Coffee, sunrise and whinny kids. No sign of Charlie this morning. I guess he takes Sat and Sun off?

We headed south at 0900 to meet with another realtor. She was perfect! She was on time and very professional. I liked where today was going. We identified five houses on various places all over Cabo Rojo and Mayaguez. She said to give her a few hours to make calls and collect keys. We then took the kids to Rincon for Scuba class. It was around 10:30 when we dropped them off for their two hour class. We dropped the rental car off at the car wash and walked to the farmicia. That store had everything. It was then that i couldn’t think of a better time to have a beer. It was 11:30. The sun was blazing hot and the humidity was telling me it was five o’clock somewhere.

After my first sip I got a phone call to see our first selected house. I am sad to say I left that full beer. She said meet me at 12:30. I drove like a Puerto Rican after picking up the car and kids. The first house was a disaster. Five bedrooms, five baths, huge pool, poolside bar, white tile everywhere, a veranda, a guest house, and basketball court. It had not been lived in over a year. The house had white tile everywhere (kinda creepy). It seemed a little like a sanitarium.

Jenn loved it, hmmm. Is she ready to have me committed? 

We left that house knowing the next showing was not until next week.  We had lunch at Pollo Tropical. It was good food not the best but we are getting better at picking out where to eat. I ordered another beer thinking, it’s five o’clock somewhere, right? After the first sip I received a call from a golf course home owner. He said he was only in town for a short time and asked if we wanted to see his house. I gathered the kids and my lovely bride and took off to see my dream house. Yes, I again left my precious beer behind. 

 This is starting to become a habit I’m not very fond of.

We of course got lost and arrived a half hour late. When we did find the house it was beautiful. it was also clean, the pool was running and the AC was working. It is a block from the club house and pool. The beach is just around the corner near the yacht club.

See what I’m thinking???? Perfect house!!!! A little pricey but whatever right? This one is worth seriously thinking about!!!

We left there and headed to the airport in Aguadilla. We had to return the rental car today.

We had diner at a Mexican Restaurant at CrashBoat. That’s a surf beach near Aguada. The best food we have had so far!!!!

This morning was the surprise of the day. We saw someone BBQing an entire pig at a gas station. Think fire at a gas station, hmmmm. Liam says, “that’s a good idea!, boom!”

 Everyday brings more and more cool things. I actually really like it here.



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