Weekend Water Fountain

The Weekend: It’s what we all live for except when you live in the Caribbean. Life in Puerto Rico never seems to surprise us. This past Saturday started with a bang. The road in front of our house collapsed. Then the coolest thing ever happened.

Have you ever visited a house with a beautiful fountain in drive way?

Yep, that is our house now! 

An incredible water spout erupted from the cavernous hole in the road spraying water 40-50 feet in the air. What made the water spout so exciting was the amount of debris mixed with the shooting water. We found rocks, mud and even pieces of coral in the pool in the back yard.

We called the water company all weekend and even got hung up on several times. I guess the fountain was our Christmas gift? We just didn’t get the memo.

I think it is safe to say we have a permanent fountain now. But I actually kind of like it. The water flowing sounds are more soothing than the dogs barking and roosters crowing. But the falling rocks make it feel a little apocalyptic. 

The Caribbean continues to excite us and makes every day more memorable than the last. I love my Caribbean life.

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