Time Flies

It’s been sure nice talking to you…..

My father and I talk at least once a week on the phone. He lives in Maryland. So guess that’s like a million miles away? At least it feels like a million miles away. He was in the US Navy for almost thirty years. He is an amazing man and I have always hoped to be half the man he is. He commanded submarines and was gone at least six months out of every year. Can you imagine living under the ocean blue for six months without much communication with family, friends and current events? It took a very special and dedicated person to be able to do that. He missed a lot of my childhood due to his career.

Every once in a while he mentions a particular song that immediately brings tears to my eyes. The title of this blog is a line from that song. So maybe you have already figured out the song? I will drop a few more hints as I continue.

I have found myself living the same way he did. I am way too dedicated to work. And I spend less time doing fun things with my children. Song lyrics….. “My child arrived just the other day He came to the world in the usual way But there were planes to catch and bills to pay He learned to walk in the usual way And he was talking ’fore I knew it, and as he grew He’d say, I’m going to be like you, dad You know I’m going to be like you.”

I am bringing this up due to the new additions to the household. Last week my oldest daughter gave birth to twins. I have found myself just staring at these incredible creatures for hours and hours. In fact an entire week went by and I really did not do anything but hold them. Life is truly amazing. I am now a grandfather. Seriously, a grandfather! In my head I still think I’m only 25. Where did the time go? In the blink of an eye I went from being a child to being a grandfather.

So back to the song, have you figured it out yet? “My son turned ten just the other day He said, Thanks for the ball, dad. Come on let’s play. Can you teach me to throw? I said not today, I got a lot to do. He said, that’s okay. And he walked away, but his smile never dimmed And said, I’m going be like him, yeah You know I’m gonna be like him.” So as my life continues to blaze by I find myself struggling for time. This is the same for everyone, I am sure. I was just hoping living in the Caribbean would help slow things down a bit. But it seems it doesn’t matter where you live.

Time flies by regardless of where you hang your hat.

“Well he came from college just the other day So much like a man, I just had to say Son, I’m proud of you. Can you sit for a while? He shook his head, and he said with a smile “What I’d really like dad, is to borrow the car keys See you later, can I have them please?” Have you figured out the song yet? “I’ve long since retired, and my sons moved away I called him up just the other day I said, I’d like to see you if you don’t mind. He said, I’d love to, dad. If I could find the time You see, my new jobs a hassle and the kids got the flu But its sure nice talking to you, dad It’s been sure nice talking to you And as I hung up the phone, it occurred to me He’d grown up just like me My boy was just like me.”

Here is the great reveal and my final thoughts.

It is said, that life passes by in a blink of an eye. It is true. So find the time to get together with the people you love, even if we are a million miles away. I have lived in the Caribbean for over three years now. I have not been able to travel back and forth to the states as much as I would like. But with Facebook, skype and cellphones it is a little bit easier. It’s not the same but it works for now.

Try not to blink and treasure each moment “you know we’ll have a good time then…And the cats in the cradle and the silver spoon Little boy blue and the man in the moon When you coming home, son, I don’t know when But we’ll get together then, dad Were gonna have a good time then.” —— Harry Chapin, 1974

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