TPR- Thats Puerto Rico

I like it here more and more. 


Yes, we need to polish a few things but life is better in PUERTO RICO! 

Today, didn’t turn out exactly as planned. Berkley, Liam and Elijah wanted to go to the beach.  We drove all the way down to Boqueron. Then they changed their minds. I was ok with that decision as I wanted to spend time with them. It was weird. But I actually did want to be with them. 

We then met a realtor and saw two more houses. After that we had lunch at Taco Maker. It was pretty good for fast food. 

 We then went to pick up the truck. It was not ready of course. I learned long ago if you pace back and forth mumbling gibberish in the customer service area they seem to want to get you out of there. I did this for just over 10 mins and bang!! I magically jumped to the front of the repair line!

Maybe the twitching eyelid helped, idk? The truck is home and safe.
The kids made us a fantastic dinner with the fresh fruit from the street vendors. They made a  Baked chicken with a mango salsa and garden salad. Fantastic!!!!!


Oh, I struck a deal on the golf course house we move in on the first!


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