Trials of Puerto Rico

It sure doesn’t seem like nine days have passed. The reality of not being in my safety zone of Kodiak is starting to set in. I knew it would hit. I just thought it would take a few more weeks. 


Our day started out very interesting. We had a surprise visitor at 1:00 am and had to rent a bigger car. We did not have enough seats in the truck.The surprise visitor was Berkies boyfriend Elijah. He flew in to surprise and celebrate Berkies birthday. He arrived at 1:00 this morning. It was nice to see a familiar face. The funny thing is the car rental places only opens at 11:30 at night- most flights that fly into BQN fly on at night. So that’s when that airport comes alive. Weird, huh? I say that a lot now. 


Today we had to register our truck in the Puerto Rican DMV. What an experience that was. If you could visualize the waiting room scene from the Beetle Juice movie you would be close. The line ran out the door (75+) with only one teller. What a joke! 


After that we had to pay off our insurance broker/dealer in the seediest of all neighborhoods. It really did feel like a drug deal. As we were leaving he said, “Hey, if you need anything? I know everyone including the judges! And if I don’t know them I know someone who does! I help you!!”


The judge part really concerned me!!!


We left there and drove like crazy to get the kids to the International School for the entrance exams. They had gone swimming near the waterfall behind our cabin. They were content staying right there but that wasn’t in the cards for them today. They complained the entire way over to the school. 


After the testing we decided we should take our new guest and family for lunch. Madison decided on her own that she should pick the restaurant because she worked so hard on the entrance exam? We caved in and she picked the worlds worst Chinese restaurant. She had no idea that Puerto Ricans don’t know anything about Chinese food. I did not think it was possible to mess up Chinese!!! But they succeeded!


It really was a busy day. I left out some of the running around this morning. We took the truck to a repair shop. They didn’t have all the parts needed to fix it. So they asked us to pick them up. Weird, huh? The repair shop wrote up the parts list and off we went. The estimate for parts had the word ROTOS on it. I took that estimate list to the parts store and they sold me ROTORS. Which I thought was the right thing as it was on the parts list. Turns out ROTOS means broken. I didn’t need rotors at at all. I only needed bushing for the rear shocks. They were broken/ROTOS…..


Imagine my frustration driving back and forth.


After lunch and the crazy running around. We decided to go see a movie at 7:00. The first 35 mins were packed full of fried food commercials. I didn’t know Burger King soId fried chicken. The next ad was for Church’s Fried Chicken. Followed by McDonald’s fried chicken pieces and so on. The theatre was nothing like the lower 48. The screen and seats were awesome. The price $6.00 per/person and they served Subway sandwiches. I really enjoyed how different it was. 

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